Movies HD - the ultimate movie catalog for your iPad


Movies HD is a movie catalog application with stunning graphics. It allows you to quickly add, find and view movies in your library (with the ability to add new movies by seeking by title or barcode, so all movie details are filled in for you!). It also allows to lend movies to friends, so you can easily keep track of who you gave that copy of "Quantum of Solace" to.


  • Add movies by barcode scanning
  • Email your movie list
  • Fully customizable dvd catalog
  • Handles all modern media (DVD, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD) as well as oldfashioned media (VHS, 35mm)
  • Movies are shown using their cover (and optionally their title)
  • Sort by name, genre and rating
  • Quickfind by title
  • integration (requires network)
  • Lend movies to friends
  • Import from Delicious Library, Extreme Movie Manager, DVD Profiler, MBase2, Personal Video Database, ANT Movie Collection, Movie Label 2011 and lots more!
  • Backup & restore your movie collection

If you want to write your own converter, you can find the Movies XML specification here.