Stock Keeper - managing your inventory was never that fun


Do you want to know exactly what's in stock? How many items are left? What and when you need to re-order? What the total cost of your products is? Get notified of overdue and out-of-stock items?

StockKeeper is all of the above and so much more, presented in a gorgeous interface. StockKeeper allows you to keep track of your stock (using your iDevice as a barcode scanner to track your product in less then a second). It allows you to add and reduce product amounts with a single tap. Email your complete product catalog. Backup and restore. And so much more!


  • Barcode scanning
  • Email your catalog
  • Enhanced product filtering
  • Warnings on low stock and expiry
  • Import and export through CSV
  • Backup and restore
  • One-click quantity updates
  • Support for AirPrint