As Movies runs on an iPhone or iPad (which is limited in raw processing power), importing movie collections is currently non-trivial.

For Extreme Movie Manager, the process is fairly simple: in EMM, just export your collection to iPhone and upload the created ZIP file as stated below from point #6.

For the other desktop movie catalogs, we convert their format into the Movies XML format and upload that newly created file in a ZIP container to Movies. That's the bottomline, here comes the details.

  1. In your desktop movie catalog, choose to export your catalog to XML
    • In Delicious Library, export to Delicious Library 1 and use that XML file!
  2. Browse to our conversion page and upload the XML from your desktop movie catalog. Make sure to select the correct application name on our conversion page.
  3. Save the newly created XML file in a folder.
  4. [optional] Copy the cover pictures from your movie catalog into the same folder
  5. ZIP the content of the folder with the XML file and the [optional] cover pictures and name this ZIP file export.zip. Make sure to ZIP the content of the folder, and not the folder itself. Movies cannot handle ZIP files with folder structures.
  6. Do NOT use WinZIP is their ZIP file cannot be handled by Movies. Use the compression feature within MacOSX or Windows (by selecting all files you want to ZIP, rightclick and select "Compress xxx files" (Mac) or "Send to > Compress folder" (Windows)).
  7. Now follow the procedure to restore a backup for Movies for iPhone or restore a backup for Movies HD (as this export.zip is now actually a real Movies backup file). Importing the backup into Movielicious can be done by going to the File menu and clicking Import..