This page describes the data format used in Movies to export and import your movie collection. You can use this page as a guide to write a converter from your favorite desktop movie application to Movies.

The data format for Movies as a standard, UTF-8 encoded XML file. It contains 1 top-level element, <XMM_Movie_Database>. Then, for each movie, a <Movie> XML element is added, whereby all movie fields reside in their own XML element. The elements supported are:

XML element Description
MovieID Unique movie identifier. Not visible
Title Title of the movie
Media Media type (Blu-Ray, DVD, ...)
Genre Main movie genre
Year Year the movie was released
Length Movie length in minutes
Plot Movie plot
Cover Filename of the cover. The cover must reside in the ZIP file, no directory structure is allowed
PersonalRating Rating number
URL URL with additional movie information
Purchase Purchase date, preferably YYYY-MM-DD
Actors/Actor Name of the actor. Note this is a XML sub-element of Actors!
Director Name of the director
Position Location of the movie (e.g. closet in the hall)
Country Country of origin
UPC UPC code (barcode)
Rating MPAA rating

A sample XML file, with 1 movie in it, might look like this:


In order to upload this to Movies (through FTP), you should ZIP the XML file as well as all cover art. Make sure the ZIP file does NOT contain any folder structure (i.e. all files should reside in the ROOT of the ZIP file).