This page describes the data format used in Music HD to export and import your music collection. You can use this page as a guide to write a converter from your favorite desktop music application to Music HD.

The data format for Music HD is a standard, UTF-8 encoded XML file. It contains 1 top-level element, <Music_Catalog>. Then, for each album, a <Item> XML element is added, whereby all album fields reside in their own XML element. The elements supported are:

XML element Description
Rating Album rating
Label Album label
ReleaseDate Date the album was released, preferably YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS
CatalogNr Personal index
Length Album length in seconds
Title Album title
Barcode Album barcode
Loaned Name of the person who lent the album. Empty if not lent.
Cover Filename of the coverart. No path, just the filename. File should be added to the ZIP container.
Status 0 means Own, 1 means Wishlist
Artist Album artist
Genres/Genre Genre name. Note this is a XML sub-element of Genres!
Media/Medium Medium (CD, iTunes, ...). Note this is a XML sub-element of Media!
Songs/Song/Name Name of the song
Songs/Song/Artist Artist of the song. Empty if identical to album artist.
Songs/Song/PreviewURL URL of a preview track/full track. Must be accessible through HTTP.
Songs/Song/Length Length of the song
Songs/Song/TrackNr Track number of the song
Songs/Song/DiscNr Disc number of the song

A sample XML file, with 1 movie in it, might look like this:


In order to upload this to Music HD (through iTunes), you should ZIP the XML file as well as all cover art. Make sure the ZIP file does NOT contain any folder structure (i.e. all files should reside in the ROOT of the ZIP file).